WBF Exchange and Cupid (BTB) formally reached strategic cooperation

On April 29, Singapore ’s WBF Exchange and Cupid Trading Platform formally reached a strategic cooperation. Both parties will work together to incubate more high-quality projects based on the blockchain consensus network, and jointly lead the technology The cutting-edge technology and trends in finance work together to build a reliable digital economic ecological alliance.
WBF Exchange Group adheres to the “do no evil” values ​​and “long-termism” business philosophy, its goal is to enter the top three global exchanges by the end of 2021.
Cupid (BTB) is the world’s first innovative digital intelligence targeted trading platform, designed to gather the world’s top three capitals, project parties, and the community’s three combined forces to continuously integrate blockchain upstream and downstream resources and develop reasonable and scientific trading products. Committed to enabling global BTB users to enjoy a precise investment experience and multiple wealth values.

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