US economic stimulus is expected to promote Bitcoin as a value storage and inflation hedging tool

According to Cointelegraph May 17, the United States is printing dollars and cutting interest rates to help the public. As the United States injects trillions of dollars to stimulate the economy, since most Americans do not own assets, it may result in weakened purchasing power. LiquidApps CEO Beni Hakak believes that Bitcoin has the opportunity to use itself as a store of value. He said that the New Coronary Pneumonia Outbreak Crisis is the first crisis experienced by Bitcoin as an asset class. Although it is expected that Bitcoin’s performance will be similar to that of gold, it has caused the price of Bitcoin to fall sharply. As the world economy began to reopen, Bitcoin’s recovery was quite good, outperforming S & P. With Bitcoin halving, it will be interesting to see if Bitcoin can be used as a tool to hedge inflation and store value. While Bitcoin is halved, fiat currency is expanding its supply. As concerns about inflation reappear in the market, assets that can prove scarce are considered to be in a good position. Quantum economics founder Mati Greenspan believes that with the introduction of large-scale quantitative easing policies, Bitcoin will maintain its future value due to scarce supply. He said that Bitcoin, like gold and silver, can hedge inflation.

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