The short-term bullish trend does not change. Be alert to the tremendous halving.

In response to the trend of Bitcoin breaking through 10,000 again, Huang Han, a special consultant of the Coin World Research Institute and a partner of Bangbow Capital, believes that after breaking the previous high of 9456 , Bitcoin’s bullish trend continues to be strengthened, the physical Yang line candlestick continues to stretch, and there are signs of accelerating rise. The trend has a strong inertia, and the market will not end flat. The signals of adjustment are often high-level tremors, such as heavy rushing down and falling, or repeatedly hitting the market and pulling back. Therefore, until the pattern does not appear to be defeated, the trend of long orders can continue to be held. The next two days are the time window approaching the halving time point, and the currency price will often fluctuate greatly. Here, we should prevent the possibility of a sudden downward change after the positive cashing. Investors can wait patiently for changing direction before continuing to choose the next operation.

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