The fintech lending platform YouHodler announces support for the compliant stable currency HUSD

On May 7, the fintech lending platform YouHodler announced that it will support the use of HUSD for lending and currency deposits. At that time, YouHodler allows users to deposit HUSD in the official website and official app, and receive a maximum of 12% interest on the deposit currency (specifically based on the platform’s actual interest rate). YouHodlers is a fintech company with dual headquarters in Cyprus and Switzerland. It specializes in mortgage loans for crypto assets. Support the mortgage of mainstream digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the loan of stablecoin assets in US dollars, Euros and anchored fiat currencies. HUSD is the fourth compliant stablecoin supported by the platform. HUSD is a compliant stable currency issued by Stable Universal, strictly 1: 1 anchored with the US dollar. As of now, the market value of HUSD is 150 million US dollars, and the cumulative issuance has exceeded 1 billion.

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