“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Author: investment and recommend Bitcoin is because I like it

according to U.Today news, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki explains why the current recession Support BTC, why he has always bought BTC and publish relevant comments on Twitter. He often emphasizes that good investors should invest money in what they like. He also mentioned this in his book on financial knowledge. Robert Kiyosaki recently tweeted that his support for Bitcoin stems from his initial interest in it, similar to the real estate he started his career in. He loved real estate since he was a child, and later he expanded his investment in gold and silver. Earlier, he had repeatedly tweeted that as the Fed continues to inject “fake” (newly printed) dollars into the economy, Bitcoin may become a good hedging tool against the current financial crisis. Kiyosaki often advises readers to find and research what they like before investing. And another Bitcoin active supporter, Morgan Creek Digita co-founder Jason Williams recently admitted that his favorite list of investment tools is similar to that of Robert Kiyosaki.

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