ONES game Defi platform officially settled in JUSTALK social network

According to official news, ONES game Defi platform has reached strategic cooperation with JUSTALK social network and settled in JUSTALK social network. In the future, the ONES gaming platform will break through the barriers of socialization and gaming in the JUSTALK network, bringing JUSAL a richer application scenario. ONES is committed to solving the pain points of the game industry, focusing on serving the vertical game industry, providing a one-stop game blockchain open platform service, providing sustainable and open and transparent game solutions, and providing game developers with product monetization channels to further enhance the game Quality serves the players. As a next-generation scalable and decentralized social ecological platform, JUSTALK is determined to use blockchain technology to create a new social software centered on user value. The APP has exceeded 200,000 users and has 40,000+ daily activities in more than two months. The product provides privacy encryption protection and transmits information through point-to-point encryption. Users have their own data ownership and use rights without worrying about information leakage. As a token of JUSTALK, JUS aims to let more people participate and enjoy the dividend of digital social currency.

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