OKChain testnet completes major upgrades: pioneered the concept of “DEX operator” and built DEX at zero threshold

OKChain testnet completed major upgrade today and will release version 0.10 on May 25. This upgrade mainly innovates the OpenDEX design concept, making it possible for everyone to issue their own DEX based on OKChain. OKChain will provide all the network node users with all the core technologies required to operate a DEX, and at the same time solve the high server cost and other problems for users, so that the threshold for building a DEX is almost zero. OKChain pioneered the concept of “DEX operator” and completed the effective differentiation from public chain operators, so that the matching fees and related benefits generated by users’ own DEX and transaction pairs are all owned by users, effectively solving traditional DEX solutions Liquidity problems due to high operating costs. In addition, node users will not need to go through any review process in the process of constructing DEX and operating transaction pairs. At the same time, when the system resources are insufficient, OKChain will reasonably allocate system resources according to the ranking of alloys (take OKT as a mortgage). This will be more conducive to building an open DEX ecosystem, so that all DEX operators can use OKChain’s public chain resources fairly and openly.

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