May 2020 currency circle calendar: BTC halves for the third time

May 2020, the currency circle will usher in a heavy block reward halving, and bitcoin will halve for the third time, the estimated time is May On the 12th, the S19 series of mining machines began shipping in the same period; Bitcoin Core plans to release version 0.20.0 on May 3; BCH network is expected to be upgrade on May 15; Will also be released.

OKEx investment research: BTC explosion broke the consolidation area, bullish morale is booming, do n’t blindly bear sighting. According to OKEx quarterly contract data, the transaction volume of BTC increased significantly in the early hours of last night, with an hourly volume of nearly 2.7 million contracts, the market The bullish enthusiasm was quickly stimulated, which directly led to the acceleration of the currency price. As of the daily closing (08:00 Hong Kong time), 1000 points of Changyang were received. The quarterly contract turnover reached 17.71 million, with a contract value of 1.771 billion US dollars, the largest transaction record in 40 days, and breaking the formation since March 20 High consolidation area. OKEx analyst Charles believes that although it seems that the currency price has risen greatly and the market will inevitably accumulate a large number of profit orders, but now that the morale of the bulls is booming, the probability of the currency price will be high and run further. Therefore, in the short term, don’t blindly bear the “sell top”, the operation is mainly adjusted every time, or when the currency price appears sideways. In the near future, we can focus on the 8550 first-line support. This price can be regarded as a watershed in the short and medium term. As long as the price adjustment does not break through the area, it can be understood as a benign adjustment and does not change the upward trend.

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