Ledger CTO: The relationship with Trezor is far more than competition, but also cooperation and respect

According to Cointelegraph, as two hardware wallet manufacturers currently in the leading position in the market, Ledger and Trezor have been competing against each other for a long time. But in a recent interview, Ledger Chief Technology Officer Charles Guillemet said that the relationship between the two companies is actually much more complicated than at first glance. Although the words between each other are fierce, cooperation and respect can also be found. Guillemet also revealed that its security team has reported about six or seven vulnerabilities to Trezor. Most of these vulnerabilities have been fixed by patches, with one exception. This is because of the basic design issue of the Trezor chip. The MCU chip used by Trezor is generally used for ordinary household appliances and is not used for secure data storage, but Trezor chose this chip intentionally because the company hopes to ensure that the software is completely open source. Guillemet said that open source is “a very good thing”, but Ledger has a different view in this regard, because “when designing safety equipment, safety is the most important thing.”

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