Kraken Business Development Director: During the Covid19, the status of BTC “the king of cryptocurrencies” became more and more stable

According to AMBCrypto, Kraken Business Development Director Dan Held believes that the success of Bitcoin cannot be based on its potential to become a good payment system. Decide. He said: “The word cash is used in the white paper, and many people choose to infer the word cash as” cash in your pocket. “Satoshi Nakamoto mentioned bitcoin as a precious metal five times. It ’s called a “stable currency.” So people can use it in any way they like. ”Held believes that with the outbreak of the new crown, the status of Bitcoin as“ the king of cryptocurrencies ”is more secure than ever:“ Bitcoin ’s positioning during the 2019 coronavirus epidemic is amazing. The ETH ecosystem has been trying to make it go with BTC because their only remaining narrative now is to become another stable currency, just like BTC. If BTC starts to act, ETH does not follow the price, then it will be another dead altcoin.

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