GateChain Testnet4.0 is released, the mainnet will be online no later than the end of June this year

According to official announcements, today released the last major upgrade and the last step of the stability test Testnet 4.0 before the GateChain mainnet is launched. 1. Set up PoS mining incentives according to the voting plan 2.1; 2. Add anti-quantum features to prevent quantum computers from cracking private keys; 3. Increase the loyalty factor to increase PoS security and bring double benefits to loyalty nodes. In addition, GateChain Testnet 4.0 has a highly decentralized and fully open node joining method. No application is required, and everyone can join and become a PoS mining node at any time. GateChain Testnet 4.0 also has an innovative economic adjustment mechanism. Nodes with a small share of equity can obtain many innovative features such as higher returns. Since then, Gatechain Testnet 4.0 has the best features and performance since its release: 1. The test environment has a transaction processing capacity of 2000+ TPS per second, and a daily processing capacity of up to 170 million transactions on the chain; 2. High degree of decentralization Support thousands of consensus nodes; 3. Enhanced resistance to Grover and Shor quantum algorithms to prevent quantum computer cracking; 4. Node loyalty factor increases PoS security; 5. Innovative economic stimulus mechanism effectively enhances network decentralization. also announced the GateChain Mainnet 1.0 main online launch plan, which will be released no later than the end of June 2020.

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