Founder of Morgan Creek: More and more institutional investors are entering the market insisting that BTC will reach 100,000 US dollars by 2021

According to The Daily Hodl May 15, Morgan Creek founder Anthony Pompliano said that BTC continues to flourish The longer it takes, it proves that its opponents believe that it will die. In the past decade, people have noticed that the value of Bitcoin is rising significantly. Anthony Pompliano pointed out that JPMorgan Chase is now providing banking services for the crypto exchanges Coinbase and Gemini, which indicates that what is about to happen is that banks can no longer ignore this space. Increasingly, institutional investors are viewing Bitcoin as a hedging tool to deal with risks in other financial markets. At the same time, he said that the prediction of the price trend of BTC by 2021 has not been shaken, that is, Bitcoin will reach 100,000 US dollars by 2021.

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