Ethereum Layer 2 expansion dispute

Validium is suitable for traditional high-frequency transactions zkRollup is suitable for decentralized encrypted payment] According to Medium, recently, for the Ethereum Layer 2 expansion solution, which is the Validium solution recently adopted by DeversiFi, Matter Labs initiated The author Alex Gluchowski wrote that the mechanism of Validium is very similar to zkRollup, the only difference is that the data availability in zkRollup is on-chain, while Validium keeps it off-chain. This allows Validium to achieve higher throughput, but it also causes two major problems with the solution: 1. User funds can be frozen; 2. User funds can be confiscated. Alex Gluchowski pointed out that zkRollup’s data availability protects users’ funds from seizure and censorship. However, the on-chain storage of data availability has led to the limitation of throughput. Therefore, Alex Gluchowski believes that the Validium scheme may be suitable for traditional high-frequency transactions or games with lower trust assumptions. In contrast, the zkRollup scheme that does not require trust at all is very suitable for expanding decentralized encrypted payments.

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