Early Bitcoin developers: Satoshi Nakamoto invented GPU mining code to defend the Bitcoin network

According to Cointelegraph, according to early Bitcoin developers, Satoshi Nakamoto prepared several versions of GPU mining codes to protect Bitcoin is protected from 51% attacks. Early Bitcoin developers who worked with Bitcoin founders in 2010 stated that in order to defend the Bitcoin network, Satoshi Nakamoto had invented the Bitcoin GPU mining technology in advance. Laszlo Hanyecz is famous for making the first bitcoin transaction in the real world, and he is also praised for inventing bitcoin GPU mining. However, in an interview, he said that Satoshi not only invented the algorithm before him, but also had several versions of the algorithm.
According to Hanyecz, one of the first emails he received from Satoshi Nakamoto was a reply to a post by Hanyecz describing his GPU miner. Satoshi Nakamoto was not very happy about this. Haneycz believes that Satoshi is well aware that Bitcoin mining will eventually become an industry, but he wants to postpone Bitcoin mining so as not to hinder the use of Bitcoin. When Hanyecz sent an email to apologize to Satoshi Nakamoto, saying that his project was “slowly progressing”, Satoshi Nakamoto told him to make this post disappear. On another occasion, Hanyecz sent his GPU mining machine code to Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto shared with him the code version he prepared when the network was maliciously attacked. Hanyecz believed that Satoshi Nakamoto was very paranoid. Obviously, Satoshi has several versions of the code, however, Hanyecz performs better. Hanyecz said: “My feeling is that he does not want to optimize it prematurely because he does not want to increase the difficulty on the Internet.”

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