CoinBene Full Coin Exchange Statement: Strengthen asset security awareness, beware of fraud and phishing sites

In response to recent reports of criminals who have illegally operated through fake CoinBene full coin exchange URLs and phishing links, CoinBene Full Coin solemnly declares: 1. CoinBene Full Coin official will not contact users to participate in the live broadcast of single bills by calling or adding user WeChat, etc., community information and joining methods should be based on the official website of Full Coin; Second, CoinBene Full Coin is committed to protecting user privacy Any form that allows users to send private information such as fund passwords, Google verification codes, login passwords, etc., and does not allow users to transfer funds to a specified address. Anyone who contacts users in the name of full currency investment and speculation can be regarded as fraud; 3. CoinBene Full Coin will not provide “OTC Recharge” service to anyone in any name, nor will it require project parties and users to deposit money to malicious addresses; 4. CoinBene Full Coin reminds users: Do not click on unknown links, Log in to insecure websites or download counterfeit APPs to conduct transactions to avoid the leakage of accounts and passwords and cause unnecessary losses. If you find a suspicious website, please contact CoinBene customer service personnel immediately.

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