Calibra was originally named specifically similar to Libra, and the name was changed to avoid confusion

[Novi spokesperson: According to Finance Magnates, according to previous reports, on May 26, Facebook announced that it will rename the Calibra wallet to Novi. Libra project leader David Marcus said in a recent Facebook post that the main reason for the name change is that the old name is a bit too close to the name of the Libra payment network, so it has been updated to ensure a clear distinction and clarity. Novi will be just one of the wallets eventually built on the Libra network. A Novi spokesman said that this is just a rebranding and there will be no changes to the wallet’s functions. Initially, the names of Libra and Calibra were similar, but it was found that people were confused, so the company decided to distinguish between the two. However, some analysts believe that the name change may be to keep the wallet away from Facebook. Haider Rafique, chief marketing officer of OKCoin, explained that distinguishing the Libra project and Calibra from Facebook may be important for the future of the network and wallet. Reuben Yap, head of the Zcoin project, said, “I really believe that the official reason is to prevent the digital currency Libra and Calibra from being confused, and Calibra is just Facebook’s wallet.

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