Bitcoin’s potential in the market is revolutionary

According to AMBcrypto’s May 22 news, Messari’s latest report indicates that Bitcoin’s potential in the market is revolutionary because this is the first time that assets have been created on a computer-based sovereign network . Now, the concept of sovereignty is the basis of many important attributes that make Bitcoin. This asset is the only currency asset in the world with absolute scarcity. This special function is ensured by the global network of diverse participants running Bitcoin full nodes. The second part of its sovereignty lies in its blockchain. It functions as a globally transparent, clean, and distributed ledger service for transferring and storing value. It has not been politically affected. Unlike other current fiat currency systems, no matter what geopolitical tensions surround larger economies, it is impossible to limit the value transfer of Bitcoin. Compared with other value storage assets such as gold and silver, Bitcoin does not have a portability factor. Unlike monetary metals such as gold and silver, Bitcoin can be sent to all parts of the world in just a few minutes to hours and it can be safely stored by individuals with only one mnemonic. Although it is difficult to foresee Bitcoin’s price fluctuations in the near future, it will be difficult to deny Bitcoin’s strong fundamentals and resilience in the face of the current economic crisis.

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