Bitcoin’s performance surpassed gold, oil and major stock indexes and is currently the most profitable investment in 2020

After surpassing gold and oil and major stock indexes, Bitcoin’s performance has now become the most profitable investment in 2020. Since the beginning of this year, Bitcoin has experienced the most violent volatility ever recorded, ranging from a high of $ 10,446 on February 13 to a low of $ 4,111 on March 13. Despite this volatility, Bitcoin has now successfully recovered most of the value lost during the crash in mid-March, up 22.4% from the beginning of the year. On the other hand, gold has also performed strongly so far in 2020. At the beginning of this year, the price of gold was US $ 1529 per ounce. It surged to a high of US $ 1700 per ounce in early March and then fell to a low of US $ 1491 per ounce in mid-March. Since then, the price of gold has recovered to the current price of $ 1,675 per ounce, which is equivalent to a 9.5% rise so far this year. Although bitcoin and gold sold sharply in mid-March after the World Health Organization announced the new coronavirus epidemic, the transaction prices of both are currently close to pre-crash levels. In contrast, major U.S. stock indexes, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average Price Index (DJI) and the S & P 500 index, are still in a loss after the stock market crash. So far this year, the Dow Jones index is still down 15.7%, while the S & P 500 index It has fallen by 10.6% since the beginning of the year. It is worth mentioning that the S & P 500 index rose 12.7% in April alone, and it seems to show strong signs of recovery. (Decrypt)

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