Bitcoin whale Joe007: Bitcoin halving may disappoint traders who want to get rich quickly

According to The Daily Hodl, the well-known bitcoin whale Joe007 said that as the halving approaches, BTC may be overhyped. Bitcoin halving may disappoint traders who want to make money quickly after halving. Bitcoin continues to rebound with extremely low transaction volume, which makes him not convinced that retail demand is strong enough to achieve a sustained rebound. He said that in such a weak market, the price may rise to 20,000 US dollars tomorrow, or directly sell to 2,000 US dollars. As for Tether’s new USDT printing, Joe007 said that this is because smart traders are selling BTC in exchange for USDT. He believes that this makes Tether need to mint more tokens. This is not the first time that Joe007 mentioned that low transaction volume is the main reason why he is not optimistic about Bitcoin in the short term. Earlier this year, Joe007 stated that strategies such as deception are rampantly creating the illusion of strong demand that traders submit large purchase orders without actual replenishment intentions.

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