40 BTC are transferred from the suspected Satoshi address

Gate.io’s ecological new blockchain asset tracking platform block.info traced that 50BTC dug on February 10, 2009 was transferred to an address (suspected of Satoshi Nakamoto or a friend’s address), and 40BTC was transferred out after 11 years of silence At the same time, 9.99968592BTC entered a suspected trading platform. According to the analysis of behavior patterns, this platform should be Coinbase. The recharge address is 3A6AsxxxzgHnGKhiFyW4tYX1Hn2sjNfrQP. If it is determined to recharge Coinbase, the identity of this person can be determined, but the platform may keep it confidential.
Block.info is a blockchain asset tracking platform launched by Gate.io, providing encrypted asset data and analysis services to government agencies, exchanges and financial institutions in various countries or regions, helping them to investigate and track the flow of illegal assets, analyze and detect encrypted assets Compliance, while also providing ordinary investors with more and more intuitive on-chain information to facilitate trading decisions.

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